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via Delle Volte, 2
Torre Mondovì



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Alla Torre (At the Tower) is the name we have adopted for our vocational country home. The accommodation is part of an ancient house with a rich and fascinating character comprised of vaulted ceilings, original architecture and unspoiled green areas. The holiday house at the Tower can accommodate from one to four people. The limited number of guests allows us to guarantee exclusive attention to one and all. The rooms are furnished with authentic period furniture, paintings and objects belonging to the family. Mondovì is located between mountains, hills and plains: on the one hand, the city marked the plain view from the river Po, which leads to Turin, 90 km away, the other is situated on a hill that marks the edge of the Langhe, the land of truffles and wines.
The town is 63 km from Savona and the Liguria: the Maritime Alps separate the major tourist resorts for winter sports (Lurisia, Frabosa Artesina, Prato Nevoso). It is easily reached by motorway A6 Torino-Savona railway line and the airport of Cuneo-Levaldigi. The Monregalese is an area still poorly redeveloped, and in our hearts, we hope it remains as long as possible.
The '70s have skipped by and this has allowed the views to remain unique.
It is attractive to be able to walk along miles of paths on surrounding rolling hills, inhabited only by intense vegetation.
You can reach the Ligurian coast and its beautiful sea in 45 minutes, you can get on the Mole of Turin in 50 minutes.
Summer is the season of blooming, but we expect the winter ski fields of Artesina, Prato Nevoso and Frabosa Soprana , or spa Lurisia to be popular. It is also possible to visit, all year round, a nearby cave called Bossea and the 'impressive Vicoforte Sanctuary (5 minutes from our house).
And then, we never fail with Piedmont, which has good wine, white truffles, porcini mushrooms and unparalleled local cheeses. In short it is an area worth exploring and is definitely worth a trip!

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