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Palazzo Malaspina is located in San Donato in Poggio, a small medieval town nestled among vineyards and olive groves in the heart of the famed Chianti Classico district, halfway between the cities of Siena and Florence. The building, which dates back to the late Renaissance, offers visitors an elegant and relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of the past when the Palazzo belonged to the local nobility, the Ticci and Malaspina families, and, as of the nineteenth century, to the Pellizzari family.
Palazzo Malaspina is located in San Donato in Poggio. The town, founded in Roman times, was the principal fortification of the area, serving to defend the Roman road that led from Florence to Siena. The "castrum" (militaary fortress), which in the year 1033 belonged to the family of Count Guidi, became autonomous during the era of the communes. Lying between the cities of Florence and Siena, who were eternally vying for supremacy over the territory, San Donato was frequently the scene of important events, such as the gathering of the Florentine army in 1260, prior to the Battle of Montaperti against the Republic of Siena. The town was destroyed in 1289 by the Ghibellines of Arezzo and subsequently rebuilt with a typical protective wall encircling it. Portions of the outer wall surrounding the original town are still standing. Of particular interest are the Florentine Gate and the Sienese Gate, each with a scarp tower, as well as numerous turrets, including a bell tower and the so-called "little tower" which overlooks the valley.
The palazzo has been tastefully restored by the Pellizzari family with great attention to detail in order to preserve the characteristic elegance of the establishment. The five double guest rooms have been decorated with the family's antique furniture and with precious fabrics, creating a sense of individuality and the warmth of a private home. The color scheme of each room reflects a typical hue of the Tuscan landscape, from the yellow of broom bushes to the pale blue of lavender. The rooms command a view of the glorious Tuscan hills or allow guests to admire the relaxed lifestyle of the medieval town.

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