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Bedrooms: 3 | Sleeps: 7

Pets allowed


Pets allowed


Localita' Chiesa 32 - Fraz. Castagnola


Tel. 0187/823224

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The “Giardino degli Angeli” offers relaxing holidays, stays and wellness treatment in the uncontaminated area of the Cinque Terre, Courses and seminars are held which are specially designed to aid self-awareness and understanding of the changing world around us.
This aptly named “Angels’ Garden”, surrounded by herbs, flowers, olive groves, the sea and the mountains, is a magic place, long haunted by fairies and Nature spirits.
Surrounded by an olive grove, the “Giardino” is a former farmhouse, restored according to bio-architectural principles which are conducive to the rediscovery of harmonious living amidst Nature. In restoring the house, great attention has been paid towards health and environmental conservation; guests at the “Giardino degli Angeli” will live in entirely natural surroundings and every care has been taken to conserve the integrity of the building and its location: bio-tempera paint has been used on the walls, in relaxing and harmonious colours, in line with chromotherapy; all the furniture and furnishings have been made with natural materials, such as widely used wood with natural biological paints.
Particular care has been taken with the bedrooms to induce harmonious slumber: beds are made of wood, mattresses are made of natural latex and sheets are made of natural fibres, matching the colour scheme of the room.
The natural perfumes of aromatherapy fill each room with joy and relaxation and each bedroom has its own specially selected aroma. Various areas in the house are reserved for relaxing, reading (a selection of books is available) or listening to music; another area is reserved for consultation and natural wellness treatment and such as personalised holistic and energizing massage.

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