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Celle Ligure


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Once upon a time there was….
Or more exactly there is an olive-grove with 400 olive trees, at Celle Ligure halfway between Savona and Genoa.
The trees aren't too old, from 20 to 50 years of age and the owner (that is to say me - Milton) takes care of them as they were his children.
Milton, the owner, at a certain point of his life, decided to do the things he loved and began to devote his time to land and sea, even if sometimes too much because other relationships need care too.
There are also other hundreds of passions… but this is a long story you aren't probably concerned about.
The olive trees are grateful for the care and give us a plentiful harvest during the months of October and November, when the kitchen garden becomes lazy and falls asleep waiting for the spring awakening.

The sea is a few steps from here: 400 metres if you walk through the olive groves and the country and 1,5 kilometres if you want to go by car.
In the opposite direction, the hills begin near "Il Castellaro" next to the sighting tower built hundreds of years ago by the people of the village in order to defend themselves from the dangerous Saracens.
From the hill walking for a couple of hours, you can reach Mount Beigua (1287 mt) the highest mount of the Ligurian Apennine in the centre of a beautiful natural park.
Or, if you are trained you can ride a bike through the pathways that link the little villages on the west side of the Ligurian Riviera.
English, French, Spanish fluently spoken

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