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Bedrooms: 5 | Sleeps: 20

Air conditioning
Pets allowed


Air conditioning, Pets allowed




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The VinsLounge B & B, as set out in just 15 months after its birth as the "Number One" in the tourist accommodation establishment, is located in Barletta in an ancient palace of 1592, makes a fitting tribute to the past which is accompanied by the opening to the contemporary , the avant-garde design, advanced technology, especially in read mode for multiple use of light effects that are not limited to complement the decor, but they are a prominent feature, the touch that gives every suite the ability to be comfortable and refined.
Reflections, shadows, chiaroscuro, light sources and not moving, streams of color, fluorescence ...... all that splendid combination in the evening light the true and only star of the Old Town, the Vins Lounge B & B.
The Bed & Breakfast VinsLounge consists of two residential units, and La Maison de VinsLounge VinsLounge; the VinsLounge Barletta is located in an old building from 1592 newly renovated in the heart of Old Town, however, La Maison de VinsLounge, few tens of meters away from its headquarters in Via del Duomo, 5, is housed in a former palace in the city center, also equipped with a panoramic lift, both are equidistant from the train station, beach and promenade, also are surrounded by most important historical monuments of the site.

Glamour, and exclusive, this is what makes it unique VinsLounge the Bed & Breakfast La Maison de VinsLounge, only those who will be able to grasp these particular will appreciate the special efforts made to make the stay of those who will be the guest.
Comfortable yet cheaper alternative to staying in hotels, has five spacious suites, each with its own bathroom. The environment and location are intimate and familiar, the B & B is dedicated to the pursuit of comfort and style that sets him apart, and are suitable for guests who are traveling for tourism or business.

In order to make guests stay comfortable and cozy homes offering various services, the provision of information material about the events and attractions in the region, with additional services such as personal trainers, the interpreter, the shuttle service and from the airport of Bari Palese, air conditioning in all rooms, convention with garage, beauty farm, exclusive beach, laundry and bar for breakfast, Internet connection (free) wireless (currently only in place of Via del Duomo), satellite TV, fax and post mail, aromatherapy, color therapy, the paper of the cushions and other surprises for the guests.
In addition, the VinsLounge B & B offers to its exclusive client can, the possibility of combining the elegance of stay in B & B is also a sought-deserved relaxation SPA.
In addition, for food lovers, the VinsLounge has entered into a partnership with a typical restaurant of the historic center, for the realization of "Dinner at the Pugliese.
Dinner at The Pugliese, will be your guests, a magical moment in which to enjoy the unique flavors of our land, which will be magically whipped local products, giving rise to savor. During the preparation of these delicious dishes at the request of the guests and with the consent of the cook of the restaurant, you can view and participate in the implementation of the Apulian delicacies and pick up the secrets.

The B & B VinsLounge is open all year.

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